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All the complimentary activities on the platform had been thought and supervised by current teachers from different schools for their own students. We just provide the contents! (objetivos, contenidos, materiales, etc.), lo que inherentemente garantiza que están basadas en el actual currículo y con el enfoque que el docente ha pensado para sus alumnos.

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Todas las actividades escolares son culturales y complementarias, adaptadas al nivel al que se dirigen y siempre supervisadas por el profesor responsable.
Todas nuestras actividades escolares están agrupadas en tres grandes áreas: rutas en ciudad, talleres en el colegio y visitas a museos.

City tours

City tours

City tours are the perfect and healthie way to show students the meaning of the history in a real environment.

School workshop

School workshop

Our team will go to your school and manage the previously supervised activity requested by the teacher.

Visit to museums

Visit to museums

We have developed a lot of tours through the best museums to show students different aspects of artworks (technical, historical, visual...)

Free for schools

If you decide to register and your schools is not on the list, just use the contact section to make us know the basic data of your school so we can contact them and start working together. For free, of course.

Free for teachers

Each of the activities shown in our platform have been developed for other schools and all of them are based on current teacher's ideas. Inspiration comes by making them public. Interesting, isn't it?

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Made for students

Intentions without facts are useless. For this reason ALL STUDENTS will enjoy the same activities regardless the financial situation of their families. We'll take care of the money if that is the problem. If there's a will, there's a way!.

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Helping little big artists

Art Gallery made by hospitalised childs
Only their imagination may exceed their own reality

Plataforma benéfica ARTme

Helping little big artists