Complimentary activities

Actividades complementarias para niños personalizadas al curso, edad y tipo de actividad solicitada. Infantil, primaria y secundaria con talleres, visitas a museos o rutas por la ciudad que estimulen la curiosidad y fomenten el estudio por si mismo.

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If you decide to register and your schools is not on the list, just use the contact section to make us know the basic data of your school so we can contact them and start working together. For free, of course.

Free for teachers

Each of the activities shown in our platform have been developed for other schools and all of them are based on current teacher's ideas. Inspiration comes by making them public. Interesting, isn't it?

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Made for students

Intentions without facts are useless. For this reason ALL STUDENTS will enjoy the same activities regardless the financial situation of their families. We'll take care of the money if that is the problem. If there's a will, there's a way!.

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