Educational Activities

Connecting teachers through their own ideas

Educational Activities. Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

What is Tourme Schools?

Tourme Schools is a project managed by Tourme trying to get students close to history, art and culture using an interactive method to motivate scholars through different educational activities.

It's very important for new generations the commintment of teachers and schools, reason why we are trying to help by designing, planning and execute quality, private and personalized educational activities in different frameworks like school workouts, museum activities to explain why, when, where, the reason or technique details or city tours so students can feel every single line of what they read in their textbooks. All under supervision.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

(en) Las actividades extraescolares son el complemento perfecto para acercar a los alumnos al mundo profesional, guiando su formación hacia distintas áreas tales como economía, salud, medioambiente o ciencias, que les permitirá tomar una decisión sobre su futuro académico y profesional mucho más acertada.

Extracurricular activities
Inspiring students. Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Inspiring students

You can if you want. There is no better way to transmit this feeling through those speaches driven by relevant woman in different areas. The power of word.

Inspiring students

Time saving

We make easy every single complimentary school activity. We know how challenging is to manage every detail from calls to tickets but you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just get inspired by other teachers activities.

Our team will manage every aspect related to your activity.You'll be shown the contents developed for other schools to save you a precious time.

Quality improvement

Once our team show you the best alternative for the activity requested, you'll be able to monitor every single detail so it enterely suit your requirements and fit your expectations..

If it's good for you, will be good for others.

Fit every budget

We've clear the path between you and our team by using new programming technologies, and this simple step allow us to reduce cost by 60% on activity development. Simple.

Helping little big artists

Art Gallery made by hospitalised childs
Only their imagination may exceed their own reality

Plataforma benéfica ARTme

Helping little big artists